Third sector governance and monitoring and evaluation

Interpret past performance

You may represent a funding body which requires evidence of the outputs, outcomes and impact that your grant has enabled, or work for an organisation that has an interest in developing your future approach through embedding learning from your past achievements, and demonstrating the social and/or economic value of your activities. Richardson Howarth services can support you with:

  • Design of evaluation methodologies

  • Planning and undertaking performance reviews

  • Monitoring and impact evaluations

  • Learning from past activities

  • Communicating your achievements

  • Demonstrating your good practice


We provide both qualitative and quantitative evaluation services to awarding bodies, and also to the recipients of funding who need to fulfil their obligations to funders, such as the Big Lottery, European funds, grant making trusts and international donors.

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“We have enjoyed working with you throughout this programme and have benefited significantly from your input”

North East Enterprise Agency Ltd (NEEAL)

Build a more certain future

Many of Richardson Howarth clients find themselves facing substantial change, both externally in the environments they are operating, and internally within their own organisations. Their challenge is to rapidly evolve the way they lead, manage and govern, whilst continuing to manage the pressures they face day to day. An extensive range of services has been developed, to include:

  • Leadership coaching and board development

  • Governance and policy review

  • Strategic development and action planning

  • Performance management

  • Trading with a social purpose

  • Facilitating events & meetings


Through working with Richardson Howarth both people and organisations have made real progress, becoming more resilient, and so more capable and confident that they can build a certain future for themselves and their stakeholders.

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“I feel we are much clearer about what we need to do, and when we need to do it by, as a result of your intervention”

Northumbria Sexual Violence Forum

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