UK and international consultancy

Pat Richardson & Rhona Still are two consultants who have worked together as Richardson Howarth for the past 20 years.

Pat & Rhona help people and organisations to interpret past performance and build a more certain future. if you aspire to drive change we can help you to make real progress.

Interpreting your past performance

  • Evaluate the impact of your projects and programmes
  • Analyse the performance of your organisation and projects
  • Document and showcase your achievements
  • Develop evaluation methodologies that work for you
  • Clearly demonstrate and communicate good practice to your key stakeholders


Building a more certain future

  • Harness the leadership capabilities of your board
  • Have confidence in governance policies, processes and practices
  • Revitalise your organisation with a more entrepreneurial approach
  • Develop a robust forward strategy
  • Deliver clear plans of action
  • Explore and define the right trading opportunities



Making real progress

Richardson Howarth’s client base is diverse and widespread, from small North East-based third sector organisations to large international institutions; mostly driven by their aspiration to drive social and/or economic change through initiatives in local communities, enterprise and educational settings.

Working against a backdrop of almost constant change, the common thread leading them to work with Richardson Howarth has been their desire to interpret their past performance and build a more certain future.

The UK and international consultancy partnership was established in 2005, combining the vast experience of development practitioners.

Our impact

The consultants, collectively and individually, have a long-standing reputation for delivering robust and effective consultancy services.